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I was on day 4 and ended up stumbling across some videos on facebooķ of people winning big on slot machines. I sat there for an hour straight just watching them and it triggered me to give it a go myself. Have been self excluded from all the online sites i used so ended up looking for new ones which took me a long time to find 1 that seemed ok. Finally found 1 and lost 100$ and then self excluded myself.

Was only $100 but still feeling guilty about it and have to start day 1 again tomorrow. Atleast i still have money left. I guess this is going to be more of a challenge than i thought. To be honest, i probably wouldve lost a lot more money if i enjoyed the site more. I wasnt familiar with any of the games on there and didn’t enjoy any of them so it was a little easier to stop.

I got away with only a scratch this time but i do see the potential in how bad it couldve been. I might post here daily for the next 7 days to try my hardest to stay away