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Hi Kathryn
What a short chat in group but am glad i got there for a minute or two.  Will try to get there earlier next time.  Was good to say hi even for a minute.  It is hard when people make comments, i know that a lot of people dont understand.  I guess they never will, i think back to before i gambled and i thought how on earth could people get hooked on playing a machine, little did i know i was to become one of those people.  I guess its like any addiction, its hard to understand unless youve travelled that path.  But it hurts too i know when people judge or say things.  I hope it settles for you and whoever is making the comments i hope they stop.  Maybe they are a gambler themselves you never know!!  Anyway i hope all improves for you.  Laughed at the shower thing and the pajama wearing for 3 days, that would be so funny!  Catch you again soon you little ray of light