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Hi Geordie!
Just a brief post . I was in Wicklow for the day so in case you think I have taken another "nose dive", I havent!
Going into Day 2 G-free….
Been thinking about my triggers and have discovered a few…
Been thinking about the "weed" and saying I would suggestto you to look up some helpline to deal with that, but you’ve done it already…dying to hear how it works but this post is brief..
You asked how I had access to so much money…
my salary goes in every fortnight to the bank.even though I have huge debt re payments things were building up nicely because my son got over 4 grand SW back money which he owed me and I got nearly 3 grand back tax and I was keeping that for my daughter’s holiday plus I need major dental work which I ve been postponing ….
Suffice to say that my bank balance does not reflect these wind falls today, and I will have to keep my lips sealed for another few years!
I don’t know whether to scream, vomit or tear my hair out when I realise what I did, but what would be the point.
One thing I do know, is that I wont be attempting to get cashback from Dr Quirkey or any other measly low life scumbag casino owner. I was going to say" May they all rot in **** " but they wont print that here….
In short I am disgusted with myself………….
I am praying for your parents, G and for your goodself…for Serenity, courage, wisdom, and of couse AWARENESS!