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HI Bettie,
I cant believe i didnt see you all weekend!!!
You dont have to tell your boss anything…i remember i told my boss, and then about 3 days later we had a meeting…money had been missing from our petty cash.  I was absolutely sick, i thought "they suspect me". 
Anyway, needless to say, i know i didnt take it, and in truth, i think they miscalculated the money they had because the amount that was supposedly taken was quite large.  None of us were sure that there was that much there in the first place.  So now we check and double check whenever we need milk or coffee!!!
As for the scratchie…pass it on, although i wouldnt give it to your daughter if she is having problems there.
Well, i need to shower and get ready for work…the one thing i like about the holidays is the lazy mornings (thats about all i like…lol)
Hope to see you soon my friend,
Love Kathryn xxx
 To live, that would be a great adventure – Peter Pan