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hi steve thanks so much for your reply, 

your words of encouragement are fantastic and i hope to be replying on this thread about the milestones in witch im making, as this is the first time ive actually wanted to stop for good my mindset is all good at the moment so reading the replys to my thread has helpt alot 

i actually went through all my emails after i posted this yesterday, coinsidence ?? 

as for finding something before i got sidetracked i couldnt even tell you because its been so long, im sure something will pass my way and ill jump at the oppotunity, 

with have a addicting personality get stuck in well, just have to find a habbitt less exoensive 

i work already 65-70 hours a week (one was to fund my habbit) (another was to keep me away from the bookies) 

you have prattled on well and i cant thank you enough 

all the best