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Yes I agree on everything you said, I should have done it much earlyer. But I didnt…
About reaching out to bank and creditors I have already tried it, with no success, thing is I am late with some payments and I loaned money where I shouldnt so Im neck deep in problems.
This few months are key for me because if I dont solve this I will lose my job and the I am in 10x bigger problem. In july I will finally start living with my girlfriend and I am sure this will be big move forward in this whole situation + I will have almost twice as big salary as now. I know this is 2 edge knife, but I have been living like a rat for more than a six months now so I really think I came to the point where there is no turning back to gambling. I have come here also so thats a big step, my coworkers also know I have the problem, just they dont know how big it is, only my girlfriend so I know a little about the shame thing…
I am really ashamed to ask for anything here, but situation is like that that this is really my last straw, this means that I can have more less a normal life with a lot of giving up of some things and a different situation where I lose my job, had to move out of country because there is no way I can return that depth with normal job in Croatia, expecialy after corona and this will impact my brother on a way I dont even want to think about. Once again I cant believe I am writing this, and asking for money here but that is really my last straw. Once again I know the danger of that, it is stupid to say I learned my lesson expecially from me who lied to many people in my recent past but I really have faith in me and in my plan.
As I said, I am willing to give my personal informations and everything anyone is asking.
There is probably quite some people here who have been in this situation so please think about it. It is really stupid thing to write but you can save someones life.