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      hi everyone.
      don’t really know what write here, this is the first time i’m posting anything online. well here goes, i have a serious ga problem. i have been trying to quit for the last 10-12 yrs all to no avail. in that course of time i’ve lost my house, my business and over a million pounds to with it!!
      i’ve had a total mental breakdown and been close to suicide a few times. i try and make a fresh start but soon as i have access to a lump sum of money even though i know i shoudn’t i find myself back to gambling. just blown about a grand at the bookies!! feel like wtf am i doing with my life but it seems to be a cycle i can’t snap out of. i’ve contacted gamcare in the past. barred myslf from casino and bookies but nothing works. i am totally at a loss and think there is no hope………………..
      my wife and kids don’t deserve to suffer for my crime and i know that but i still find myself in that god damn hell hole.
      there is no hope… wish i was dead

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      Hi don’t no what I say really. I have been gambling for 2 years in and off. I am hurting my mum and I want to stop. I stopped about a month ago for a month then I broke my ankle and as I can’t do anything to keep my self occupied I have started gambling again . Has anyone got advice to help me please

Weergave van 1 reactie thread
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