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Responsible Gaming Operators

We can provide your customers with help and support if, when and where they need it

Are you a gaming operator and interested in linking your website to ours? 

What can Gambling Therapy do for your organisation?

Gambling Therapy enable internet gaming operators to:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to socially responsible gaming to both customers and regulators.
  • Ensure that those adversely affected by gambling have immediate access to help and information at the click of a button.
  • Help to meet the relevant conditions of your licence/s.
  • Manage problem gamblers on your website.
  • Negotiate treatment levies for new licences from a stronger position.

Gambling Therapy provides online, twenty four hour support in multiple languages making us accessible to more of your customer base than any other treatment provider.  We are a small, responsive and flexible team who are passionate about the work that we do and we achieve great results so our message to you is simple:  Let problem gambling be our problem, not yours!

Why responsible gaming operators should support Gambling Therapy

As a Corporate Supporter of Gambling Therapy you will be provided with:

  • Permission to use the Gambling Therapy link on all of your websites and within other related content.
  • Annual reports outlining referral information, including country of origin.
  • An annual review of global Gambling Therapy data and service provision.
  • Guidance on the placement and use of our logo/link to ensure it meets compliance standards and can be readily found by those in need.
  • Inclusion on our website of your organisation as a Corporate Supporter of Gambling Therapy.
  • Individual consultancy and an opportunity to collaborate on shared projects that meet the needs of your customers and your gambling and gaming licenses throughout the world 

In addition you may wish to commission us to deliver tailor made training of staff to recognise and manage signs of problem gambling amongst your customers. 

Download our leaflet for socially responsible gambling operators

Gambling Therapy aims to help you to provide a socially responsible gambling environment which will help to achieve our shared objective of managing and minimising the adverse effects of gambling.  For more information or to discuss becoming a Corporate Supporter of Gambling Therapy please complete the form below or contact adele.duncan@gordonmoody.org.uk