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I thought I posted this morning but I forgot to hit the submit button lol. Pretty accurate to how my brians functioning today. I ended up really sick this weekend and it’s gotten alot worse. I pushed myself yesteday to install my water heater so I could have water again but it made my cold/flu worse as it was raining like crazy yesterday. Now I’m off work because I’m way to weak and coughing alot. I never get sick so I hope it’s not covid as everyone i no has had it but me. I don’t do well being super vulnerable and sick because I have a hard time just sleeping and doing nothing but I no its nessicary to heal. I no this has nothing to do with gambling but for some people being stuck at home going stir crazy would be a gambling trigger. For me it’s not anymore but I still have to watch myself and not isolate where I’m still in contact with others to make sure I don’t go to squirrely. My ex and friends have already checked on me so I’m trying to stay positive that this bug or whatever it is passes. It’s definitely a hinderence but I guess my body needed rest so this is what the creator gave me a bad cold/flu so I’m forced to rest. I’m grateful i have water though now that’s a huge relief for me that I got the water heater installed it was a huge pain but I did it so I’m proud of that as I saved 1000s not hiring someone. I’ve never been afraid to try and fix things even if I don’t no how I just try to problem solve. Lucky it wasn’t to bad except that I was in a brain fog and pain being sick doing it. I guess im willing to do anything to survive lol.