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Thanks kin. I read your posts every time I can and see that your journey is a tumultuous one. I wish you peace and happiness always. It reminds me that each person will find their strength from within, and each person has to decide where they will find their answers. It may be with a higher power, a therapist or from within. I take a little of all three and blend them to find my strength to battle the demons inside my head. My life has to be about something greater than instant gratification and mind numbing addictions. I was complacent in the past when I let my addiction happen and, because addiction is an issue in my family, I should have been more cautious. I stay away from alcohol and any type of addictive meds because of it and didnt even consider that this type of addiction would happen to me. In retrospect, I guess none of us did. I try to move forward every day, sometimes I am a bit impatient that the journey goes so slow, but one day at a time is all we can do. You are doing so well now and should be proud of your progress. This is a journey that is well under way for you and I hope that the demons that tempt you stay quiet. Rest, rejuvenate and reflect. Have a wonderful day.