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18 days.. 18 rough days. Still haven’t fully accepted it I guess this is the denial phase. The good news is I start my new construction job on Monday . 50 hours a week should keep me busy. It will show me the value of a dollar again, 25$ per hour of hard labour. I was losing that in .1 seconds gambling. This is going to be a long winter, but I’ll be debt free by April latest if I save my pay cheque’s. 6 months of grind for what I lost in hours. Crazy to think about. Looking forward to chipping away at my debt, but more so I’m looking forward to adding more days to being gamble free. Almost at a month, urges still in waves. But I really want it this time. I never wanna take myself back to that place.. it’s a very scary place. Thanks to everyone who has supported me through this storm, truly I appreciate every single one of you .