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Dear Momo
How sorry I am to hear that your problems go on and on – I can hear how devious your husband is and it grieves me; not only has he got a compulsion to gamble but he is an extremely manipulative lawyer who know what button to push.
What ages are your children? Your husband is putting a lot of pain on very young shoulders and if anybody tells them anything, I think it should be you.
He is manipulating you Momo and I can fully understand you wanting to rise to his bait but I hope you will keep your cool with your children and help them understand that a divorce is not a question of their fault or yours, it has become a necessity because you and your husband no longer love one another but that you will always be there for them. In other words, Momo, protect them and let them understand the truth when they are old enough.
I am not a marriage/divorce counsellor; I probably should not be advising you on what to do in this instance but I am a mother and I have been through a divorce when my children were young. I have also worked for a long time in the law and known many lawyers.
Children often see more than we give them credit for, it depends on their ages of course.
You are being treated abysmally and I sincerely hope that you will come out of this dark tunnel very soon.
Please keep posting, I believe in you.
As Ever