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the typical chase. Been there so many times this year, which put me in this hole. Every time it gets worse, it’s funnt because I didn’t even know what chasing my losses was when I used to gamble. If i lost 500$, I would leave down 500$ I don’t know what made my brain think once that money I’ve came with is lost, go take out more ti try and get the initial money back.. it’s actually absurd to think about. I agree with everything you said that, we are doing so well, then all of a sudden the gambling thought actually beats our logic. I truly don’t get it but that’s why my counsellor is really trying to teach me about addiction and our brains. We can’t be so hard on ourselves because it’s us vs our brains .. we need to rewire them which is the most difficult thing . i can only pray we do stay gamble free. I can’t believe the casinos let us in after we self ban. This whole year I gambled I have banned myself 6 times over and over. I just wish the system was better at recognizing us, I’d be a lot less in debt and a lot more time gamble free. That Really gets me but I guess it’s us sneaking in that is the problem not actually the security:( hope ya feel better Jen and know you’re not alone. We can do this but we must really want it bad.