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Ms. K:  As Meglee says, your mojo has gone walkabout … and that’s ok.  It wants you to find your wuji (centre)…lol!!  Sometimes when we’re seeking our wuji, we have to face emotional swings … kinda like a pendulum swings until it finds it centre.  (Lawd, I’m starting to be the analogy queen!)
Anyway, it may sound like I’m floating in a sea of calm and loving kindness with all the mindfulness.  That, of course, is not true.  It takes practice … lots and lots of daily practice … and I’m not even close to getting it.  But the neat thing is, the moments when I am mindful, I find joy.  The other thing it is teaching me is that when I’m mindful of feeling awful, it’s ok to just feel it.  As cgs, our immediate inclination is to run … but its better to just sit and feel it.  I thought I would lose my mind trying to sit with my stress the other day, but I did … and it passed.  And that is the impermanence of life.  No matter how good or how bad anything is, it is only that way for the moment, so appreciate and deal with what’s there.
As crappy as you may feel, it is part of your growing, so grow away my friend.  Don’t fear the flatness, or the size of the hill, or the bumpiness of the ride.  There are lessons in it all and it’s what adds texture to this wonderful life.
On this side of the world, I’ve had a quiet but productive weekend.  It’s Sunday night and I am midway through homework and studying with the boys.  I still have oodles of laundry to do, but will get to that too.  I am determined to eke out an hour for yoga.  Did 70 minutes last night and just loved it.  Now that’s something I could get addicted to.
Well, gotta go.  Feel better my friend.  Make yourself a cup of tea and just go outside for five minutes.  Choose a patch of your garden and just really look at it.  See the colour of the soil, the undulation of the patch, the shape and colour of the plants.  Notice the smell in the air (gorgeous ocean), feel the sun, feel the tea as it warms your throat.  That is what mindfulness is.  Just spending more time noticing where you are and what’s happening around you.  It really isn’t anything too woo-woo!!
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.