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Curious what you all think about this. I believe that for us compulsive gamblers, the value of currency that is won betting is worth almost nothing compared to the money earned doing work. It isn’t real, it is very much like monopoly money. When you win, it justifies playing more, because, after all, you didn’t work for it, its a windfall, right? Might as well give it another go. One reason why we walk away empty handed most times. We view it as a lottery ticket, especially when we have lost so much over a long period of time. We think we have nothing to lose, may as well go for broke, so we end up broke. We feel we need to go for the «hail Mary» every time because we know how far below par we are and feel that small wins won’t make up for it. Rinse, repeat. It is truly a downward spiral.

It is a silly game, one we will never win, so what is the point? A silly game with such horrific consequences. A game where WE get played. How ironic! Games are supposed to be fun! With this knowledge, I can choose to spend my time on games that actually are fun! Here’s to leaving gambling behind, forgetting that score, and living a good life with a good future.