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Well I made the stand to my parents…they weren’t happy but understood that I’d regret it forever if I didn’t give it a chance so accepted my choice but they will b keeping close eye on him to ensure he’s not going to bookies or borrowing which I totally understand. My partner feels this is unfair but he has to live with that and realise he messed up and lost trust from people.

I went back to our house and lay down the rules to him that I would be taking control of his finances and that any lie or excuses that he will be the one leaving the house and not me as I can afford the house on my own. He says he will go to ga this week but wants to go alone without me dropping him there and collecting him so I agreed but I will be around the area unknown to him to ensuremail that he’s telling me the truth that he is attending. He said he was going for counselling few months back but I finished work early and tured out he hadn’t been going at all so I have to make sure this time it’s not a lie. He’s on his final chance with me and I am standing strong and will be following through with everything that he will be leaving if he lies again. He wasn’t too happy with me laying down the rules and said I shouldn’t be putting pressure on him and went focusing on a problem of his job which is least of concerns right now….was like he was changing and twisting things on me but I didn’t allow that. I explained calmly that this will be how it is and that I have to protect myself and time will tell if you really do mean it that you’re working on it.

He did accept it but unfortunately he’s sitting with a sulk now. Also he said if my family speak to anyone about him that he will destroy their lives which is unjust as they are only trying to protect me at end of the day. He has a daughter and should understand this also. All of the conflict will eventually blow over I know.

I just really hope he sticks to his word and goes to the meetings and that this will work out but unfortunately with gambling addiction we can never be too sure but time will tell. He’s gone around in circles with this many times over past 2 years….he gambles, then fine for 2 months then back again so I’m sure this time that I will know very shortly if he is committed to changing and if not then he will be asked to leave.