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      If you are one of many who are reading and not posting for whatever reason please be assured that you will receive a response and that it will be written just for you.
      We have far more information on the site now than ever before and it might be that you feel that your questions are being answered but a personal response to your individual worry is, I believe, far better in that it is tailored to you. It is also commonly acknowledged amongst members that writing is both cathartic and therapeutic. 
      Everything you write will be of help, interest and support to someone else who is dealing with the compulsion to gamble. More importantly though you will be given individual attention, you will find yourself amongst those who will understand ‘anything’ you say with regard to this addiction. 
      Many members have read for ages, sometimes years, before relieving themselves of their burden and having done so have found the strength and understanding to deal with their lives.
      Our F&F group is F&F only and you will be welcome. Nothing that is said in the group is repeated on the forum. Talking in real time means you can push your worries around with others who have been living with the addiction as you have. Maybe you feel that ‘your’ problem is similar but not quite the same or possibly even worse – join the forum or group and share because you matter.
      When you believe in yourself and think big, anything is possible

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