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      Hello everyone,
      Whilst the title of this post may perhaps sound negative I hope the post will not read that way but more of a constant and stark reminder to myself and everyone that therapy is only the beginning.
      I had a long conversation on the weekend with a current resident of Gordon House who thought that just by being here he was going to stop gambling for good. I am still not convinced that i have got through to him but I hope so.
      Going to Gordon House, going to GA, talking on this forum, opening up to a friend ….they are all amazing steps to take but they alone will not stop us gambling forever.
      Gambling addiction is a disease with no cure. That is a fact that we all have to deal with. Whilst there is no cure, we CAN ABSOLUTELY make sure that we arrest the addiction and remain clean forever but that takes a serious amount of work. 
      Unfortunatley I talk from expereience. I orginally tried to stop gambling 7 years ago by going to GA. Because I did not take it as seriously as I should and didnt listen to all the advice that I was given I inevitably gambled again and lost everything. I am not going into the intimate parts of my story now as its not really the point of this post.
      The point is that if youo really want to stop gambling then you have to surrender. You have to listen to the advice given out on here by so many people with experience and you have to throw yourself into the deep end. Posting is not enough by itself. GA is not enough by itself, being honest is a start but by itself will not be enough. Handing over financial control to a partner will not be enough by itself and so on…..
      All the parts are great but do them all not just one. This addiciton is soooooooo strong it will defeat any obstacle you try and block it with unless you have many all working together.
      I have only recently finished at GH and still feel very fragile. It is still only the beginning of my recovery. I am only 31 and intend to live to a ripe old age and I will always be in recovery.
      Have you ever met a recovered  alcoholic?? Of coourse not alcoholics are always recovering so dont think gambling is any different because it isnt.
      The one thing i am certain of is that everyone is capable of beating this addiction and keeping it at bay. Some may find it harder then others but everyone of us can do it with the right support, the willingness to surrender, the courage to change and fight and determination to remain focused.
      Its not too late to make 2010 a year to remember for the right reasons. Make it the year you finally open your eyes. Make this your time, your moment and stand up and fight.
      Keep well

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