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Hey danieldrake1 glad to see your on here and starting a clean slate. You got this admitting your ready to stop is the first step and knowing you need to fix the issue at hand.

Today was super fun as I spend some time with my bestfriend. Whenever we’re together we’re like giddy little kids just making each other laugh the whole time. I’m not afraid to be immature and just forget all the struggles of life when we’re together. I’m very lucky to have her in my life. We met 10 years ago through NA and without being in the 12 step programs I would of never met her. I believe she is one of my soul mates in life not romantically just in the sense of being my person. If I would of continued gambling I might have lost her but she didn’t give up on me. She listened to me everytime I cried and everytime I couldn’t get out of bed from depression she just talked me through it and didnt try to fix me. I realize I’m not as alone as I think I have a few amazing friends that have stayed by me through this stupid behavior relapse they’ve never given up hope that I could heal from my traumas and relationship problems and the gambling. I also took the initiative to book my dog into a kennel for 4 days in April as I’m going to visit my family. We’ve made plans to go hiking up in the glaciers and maybe hit the mountains to go snowboarding as they live in the colder part of the country I live in the tropical rainforest of Canada so its a bit different in terms of climate. It’s super beautiful where they are to so I’m happy because I haven’t seen them since before covid started. Things are looking up for me and I’m starting to look forward to things and looking after myself better.

I’m really grateful for laughing alot today. I’m grateful for planning a trip. I’m grateful for the beautiful sunshine today as I spend all day in it near the ocean.