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We win, I saw your post on another thread and am so happy that you are able to abstain. I keep looking for your posts daily and wouĺd like you to keep on your thread so you can see your own progress Instead of just jumping quickly on to others. I am quite flattered that you are able to glean some useful advice from my posts and I will always speak my truth if others are able to find it useful. I still struggle every day at this point when on a computer or phone to not to try to play, and I did find a casino I could play on today but only played demo games. My desire to have the good feelings that I associate with gambling is still present, but the fact that I cant play, for the most part, because of gamban being installed, is my saving grace. I hope that ypu are able to hold your urges in check and find something else to take its place. How is the job search going? Are you looking at all different kinds of employment as options to keep yourself occupied and help earn cash to get you back on your feet? The second job that I took is a menial job that requires little experience but will earn me an extra $ 700 per month that I can use to pay down my debt. Have you thought about getting something like that? I hope that you are well and gamble free today