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Hi thanks for asking,i read your post and nah you didnt vent to much,the more honest a post ,the more healing for you and the more helpful to others.
Stay strong P.
My daughters MRI showed nothing,but the neurologists report came back query a disease i have never heard of ,Ataxia?
I went online and looked it up and yes it does sound like it.
If indeed that is what it is the prognosis is not good,chances are it is progressive and permanent,but in some cases it can be only a temporary thing,
No further calls or appts were made regarding this,so tommorrow at 1130 i told my daughter be ready we are going to she her doc .
And yah her doc is a flamming useless doc who runs more for her methadone patients,and actually 90 % of the other docs in town dont care for her either.Kinda scarey .
My stress level is about a 1000 right now,had my last 6 teeth pulled and great except one he tore my gums so bad still in pain 9 days later,and at work i have all new bosses,and iam so afraid that this new boss will not be so easy going on my days off i call in sick for.but i need them i do.
And the owners of this building are approaching the tenants and making them offers to move so they renovate and raise the rent,yikes i dont want to move.
And i finally after over a year i got to see the pain specialist and after about 20 min ,he made me two offers take anti depressants for the pain and get a needle in my back every three months to help eleviate the pain.I said no thank you ,fix it just fix it,he then said sorry we cant help you.Left there feeling really low.
To be truthful i feel like im running down a long hallway full of doors and im racing to open each door with such anticapation of getting that feeling of omg finally i can rest thank you.
All i know is that i kinda feel numb these days ,taking ativan more and more .i just cant seem to figure any of this out.
I havent been gambling for 24 days and urges are mild but always present.
I have been going to bed at 7 or 8 at night so tired ,need to shut my head off lol.
I honestly think i just dont care any more most days,attitude is hurry up day so i can sleep .
Any way i worked afternoons today so it is just past midnight ,look out world tomorrow im up in 5 hours ,will feel like the living dead im sure lol.
Take care p we will make it hugs.