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Hi, Thanks for replying I no longer go to GA have not been there for many years since what happened last April I have spoken to the person who runs the local meeting and due to what happened i find it difficult to return to that meeting & then next meeting is 70 miles away.
Last time barriers in place was not carrying money, account for my time, if i have money then to be accountable for what i have spent with receipts, this is in place now .

I know i cant run away from gambling places as they are everywhere i don’t even have to leave the house, that’s where i feel the problem is right at this moment in time, as well as the way I feel about myself and my emotions are all over the place.

I also find it awkward in my work place as it’s a call center and lots of gambling going on like the incentives and stuff that doesn’t help, not sure if i’m just babbling on now.