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Yesterday I spent most of the time filling up my employment and support form, thinking today I will go to GP and get my sick note and send them today by post. Guess what I woke up 5 in the afternoon, the GP closes today at 1 o’clock. I was so angry and thought about what is happening to me. I am acting like I am an addict..then I told myself: hey slow down, what the h..ll you are talking about!? you are an addict, do you think you should be on hero..n, or Cr..k to consider yourself as an addict? Over the years your addiction been changing you bit by bit, eating away your moral, personality, and your brain. You are not the same person. You need time to change your brain reactions towards your feelings. you need help and time to know what way of thinking is right and what is wrong. I am to get help soon. I can not do it alone. even though I am not feeling like gambling, but other thing in life is going wrong and I am sure it is to do with my wrong planning. Tomorrow I will try differently.