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Hi All,
I need some advice, my head is going round and round and i need help to straighten it out. 
Ive been thinking about what is going to happen when the results come back.  Ive got some what ifs going on and im not sure how to handle this one.  Ok, what if…the results come back positive, we organise a meeting with Sasha and Fester wants to be there.  Does she have the right? I want to tell her to F off personally, but i know we have to handle things a bit delicately.  I dont think she has any right at all to be there, i dont want her there because i think ill punch her ugly fester face in.  I do not, under any circumstances want her to have ANYGHING to do with my children. Now, Damian doesnt want her to have anything to do with her either, it will just be between Damian and Sasha and no one else. He will call her or vice versa. 
Am i being unreasonable? I dont see how she needs to be involved.  This may not even happen, but some advice on how to handle it if it does would be very helpful.
Thanks, have a great day, bye for now, Kathryn xxFighting the good fight…One day at a time