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Hi again!!!
So i wanted to write and tell you about the trip to the pool.  As usual, nothing is ever easy for me.  Harry and i went to the school, and, of course he wanted to go to the toilet when we arrived so i took him, and as he goes into the toilet all the kids from Baileys class came past.  Now, usually Harry is the quickest toilet goer in the world, but not today….im standing outside the door yelling in like a banchee, and then when he finally comes out what do we do??? We have to RUN to catch up…did i mention i was RUNNING!!!! Hmmmm, for those of you that dont know me very well, i do not ever ever ever run!
So Harry and i finally catch up to the group, im puffing like an old worn out rhino, trying to look like im not puffing..(did i mention that Baileys teacher is very easy on the eye?) so im trying to look so cool, like my heart is not about to pound out of my chest and i want to collapse on the spot, like i run ALL the time and that 100metre sprint just didnt nearly kill me!!!
So we get to the pool and Bailey jumps in…god bless him, he spent the whole time waving to me and making sure i was watching him that he barely swam at all.  Now all this happened in an hour or so…what a funny day now that i look back at it, im actually lol right now just reading this back.  The walk home was very easy…no running there!!!
So there was my trip to the pool, i thought you might find some amusement in it as i did.  If i was gambling, i wouldnt be able to re-tell my tale, and i wouldnt have a happy son, who even though barely swam a stroke, was thrilled that his mum was there to watch him.
Take care all, bye for now, Kathryn xxLife is about falling….living is about getting up!