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Hi Bettie I was reading you frist post today it,s kind of funny I never woke up wishing I was dead becuse of gambleing just when I lost all of the money that I din,t what to spend I feel like beatend my head up side the wall for me wakeing up wishing I was dead is alot I use to think of killing myself why I don,t really know the gambleing seem to take me away from that thinking I would guess becuase I was to busy with my mine on the slots I never really gamble before Frist time it was at the fair some kind of match box game spend my paycheck feel like shit and whated to just die after that I for years din,t gamble then once a year I would go to AC with 100 and play and always left with that money
I din,t go there for years and what did the Gov of Pa do let the dem places open up here well I had to check it out The frist time was funny I was sitting at a slot looking for were you put the .25 someone had to tell me you had to put dollars in anymore lol