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      I cannot believe i am back here!!!! some may remember me some not so i will start as new.. my partner is a binge gambler it has been quite some years since i posted. the signs seem to be back. Excuses to get out of the house, provoking me for an arguement and saying it is my fault i wanted him to leave and this and that. Money issues are its not coming home and he is making excuses it is in his cab etc.
      Today i confronted him which again i knew he would not admit and said he is doing nothing wrong and yet again i am the psycho and nagger, which yes i admit i am nagging and maybe acting like a psycho out of hurt and fustration and i want the truth. I have asked him to show me all the money he has as he said he still has the money so i gave him two choices.
      1 To get in his cab and drive off if he is lying and cannot show me the money then i know
      2 Or show me every penny he has
      He walked out and said he will be back for all his belongings this afternoon and got in his cab and drove off. Great!!!
      Then he came back and showed me some money in a quick glance in a fold up in his hand so you cannot see what is there but it did not look like the amount he should have. nonetheless i dont know what to believe. i know i should know after all these years but i really dont want to believe it i want to believe him but i dont know what to do.
      Instead i feel hurt, fustrated again and very very emotional and feel he does not care about us and that hurts me more than ever, the feeling of desperation is awful and i do not wish this on anyone.
      advice is greatly appreciated and your thoughts.
      many thanks and hopefully speak to anyone soon to share experiences and support for each other…
      Antonia xxxx

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