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      Hey Danny, I noticed your post on velvets thread and, I too have read your profile. I understand that your condition puts extra pressure on you in groups and the like, so GA for you is probably not the best idea. However you can get some brilliant support on this forum. It may seem a little bit daunting at first but your profile is very well written and if you can write a small post telling us a bit about yourself you will be surprised at the strength and belief you gain in yourself to start recovery. The good thing is mate you can share absoloutlty anything on here and nobody will ever think you’re stupid, or judge you in anyway whatsoever. We are all compulsive gamblers with one common goal, to beat this addiction. Some have been many years without a bet of any description and others struggle and occasionally fall back into thier gambling ways, you will learn that you are not unique with your addiction and someone on here will have behaved in exactly the same way as you but now live gambling free, this would be a huge inspiration to you, I think, it proves it can be done. We all have a lot of common traits in our behaviours but at the same time we all have different boundries, some will stop at nothing to get money to gamble with, to the extent of ending up in prison or on the streets, some will stop gambling when they have exhausted all of thier own finances. But we all have the same addiction. It can be cracked, but not single handedly, I think the way forward Danny is for you to post a little bit in the forum. Nobody knows who you are and you can say what you want being as honest as you can, somebody will relate to your situation and a supportive and helpful dialogue could begin.
      I dont have many happy christmas memories myself and although I will be spending Christmas with my family, weather permitting, I know that I will have a lot of guilty memories when I am there. However I now know how to deal with this guilt instead of my old remody; gambling. I will be taking a quiet half hour or hour to myself this christmas day to reflect on this past year, and I will be saying the serenity prayer to myself but not just because its christmas, its something I do quite often. You and everone that is struggling or has been struggling through gambling (gamblers and thier families) will be in my thoughts.
      Welcome to the forum Danny and I hope you do post, whats the worst that could happen?
      All the best, Geordie.If I can change anybody can change.

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