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Hello Joules,

This was an intresting read. While the only advice I can give you is quit while you are ahead. I see you won alot of money and with that payed of your debt, which is perfect. But dont think of gambling as a way of making money. The house edge is always against you ( even if you had a huge streak) and It only takes one binge to lose it all. Furtermore I saw that your wrote: „I have been a compulsive gambler for many years now on and off”

People are CG for life, not on and off.
I’am fine now as long as I dont place a bet, but this will be a problem for the rest of my life, because one bet is all it takes to go back at self-destruction.

Anyhow, if you feel you can control yourself and just not gamble that is fine, otherwise: Money, Time and Accces are the thing you should think about. For the thing I have done you can check out my journal.

Anyhow, keep posting this site and the people here can really help you .

Kind regards.