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Thanks for your post, yea the money thing is really dragging me down , 12 days until payday 🙁 Thanks for asking about Joey , he pulled through and is still with us he is two and a half years old a good age for a hamster, he sleeps most of the time then eats the other times , wouldn’t it be great if our lives were that simple . I’m doing the three things a day to remind me life isn’t that bad. I have no family support whatsoever which doesn’t help . Iv’e done things on my own for years now so anyway i’m used to it , main thing is i’m not gambling or abusing alcohol . I need what little money i have for food . When my mam died last year i didn’t realise how much i would miss her it’s left a big void in my life , it’s something you which you can never prepare for . On a good note however it’s good to look back on the good times we had together, our love of the royal family , patriotism, tennis, manchester united, and boy could she drink coffee and smoke , smoked and lived to the ripe old age of 86 , was cremated on what would have been her 87th birthday and the day she died her passport ran out, coincidence i know. Sorry for rambling on i just realised i was . M.