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Congratulations on 5 months!  WONDERFUL!!!
I’ve made up my mind for the rest of my life if anyone asks me to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor I will politely decline.  The last wedding I was in was 12 years ago.  I was in shape and at a good weight (what happened to me?).  The bride picked out a dark purple satin (I think all bridesmaid dresses are made of non-giving material so you never look better than the bride).  Those dresses are at least two sizes smaller than they say (again…so you never look better than the bride) so I ordered mine 2 sizes up and I am so glad I did because it was still snug.  And to top it off, every wedding I have been in we paid for our own dresses…and we never wore them again.  Poor Jude.  Is it too late to back out as bridesmaid? I heard of a wedding where the bride told the girls what color she wanted them to wear and they all picked out their own dresses. Guess there were a couple of long dresses and a couple of short dreses but they were all the same color.
I loved 'panic poke’.  That’s a great description of our actions at closing time.  I’ve been there many times!