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Hi K:  Boxing Day night and I am exhausted … and a basket case (but you knew that much)!  Had my sister-in-law, her husband, our niece and her husband and two boys over for dinner.  Made the whole shebang … turkey, potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and all imaginable veggies.  I’m am VERY close to being sick of food.  I honestly think I can live on salads for the next few days.  The only thing is I haven’t had one of my very faves for the season … candy cane ice cream.  Could there be anything more divine?  I will get some of it tomorrow and then that will be it.  I will be officially off food. (At least for 3 hours, LOL!)
Anyway, the festive season does make you think, doesn’t it?  I’ve been in a bit of a spiral tonight … partly exhaustion, partly hormonal, partly reality.  Watched The Holiday (I know, old) with Kate Winslet and bawled my eyes out.  So, I’msitting here with a warm cider and a huge box of caramel chocolate to soothe my soul.  I invited my nieces kids to stay the night … they SO love being with their second cousins … but of course ended the night with dire warnings if they didn’t go to sleep.  Stayed up until after 1:00 … little scamps.
K:  It’s ok that you look back at what happened … it was a major event.  However, from my vantage point, it looks like it’s brought you and your husband closer, it reminded you how much you value what you have … so a hidden blessing!
I haven’t intentionally been ohmmming down the lines, but if you’ve been catching some of my peaceful, thankful, living-in-the-now vibes, then all the better. LOL!. Anyway, the screen is blinking and I’m afraid I’m going to lose this so that’s it for now.  Will post on my thread later.
Ciao bella.
RGThis moment is all we really have.  Be happy in it.