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Hi Lily
Welcome to Gambling Therapy and the F&F forum.
You have certainly come a long way from the first time you registered as a member and I am pleased you are posting as well as writing now.
It seems that this site has already done a lot for you without realising it. I know that many do read and not post but it is good, I think, to make contact so that others can benefit.  The more we all speakl with a united voice the better it is.  We never know which bit we say could make a difference to someone.
It was good to meet you in the group last night. What is said in the group stays in the group and I hope you will return. You were being supportive but remember it is always good to take support as well whenever you need it. 
Your positivity is a joy to read and I hope you will continue in your recovery and understanding. 
Loads of Love
Velvet xx