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It is a good first step but you have a gambling problem and you NEED to do more than that.

Firstly, you need to consider handing your finances over to someone who will use it properly and not gamble with it. Your wife is the obvious person and I know it will mean telling her – but let’s be honest you are gambling with her future as well (and your children’s!) It is far better for her to be told by YOU that you have relapsed, than she finds out when things are far more difficult down the line. The second thing you need to do is to look at why you relapsed – what was the trigger, were there any warning signs. It is difficult to break this addiction alone and so talking to people who have experience in this area is needed. Contact Gamblers Anonymous or another self-help group in your area and get advice from them – or see if you can find a counsellor, preferably specialising in addiction.
Thirdly – you need to find an alternative to gambling in your life. Can I gently suggest that there is something there for you already. I know as a child of a compulsive gambler – how painful it felt to be second best to sports betting. Don’t let your kids feel the same way. I wish you well.