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Yes two doing the A levels Vera. Roll on Friday and it will be over, well there is one more on t Monday 23rd but the bulk is done Friday.

Great to get a post from you Happy, good job on getting rid of your Ipad, the Ipad that makes us mad….
I have not got the new counsellor as yet waiting for a space.
Glad that you have a new dog now, you are right that I would love it that’s why I can’t get one, as I don’t want to or I feel I can’t put myself through that loss again, shame I could not have applied that same principle to gambling so much earlier in my life.
I saw you wrote that you felt bad after having a good day with family, happened to me lots of times over the years and then I gambled, it is like something deep inside you believes 'you’ do not deserve to have laughter and fun times in your life, so it says to us, ha you are not worthy so go gamble and I will show you how you should feel….
This is of course all lies you do deserve to have a good life and enjoy yourself make good memories with your family, you are not bad inside, the addiction is the bad one, but it is not you, it is only trying to fool you into thinking that, every time those thoughts come in, tell them to do one they have no place in your life.
Your dog would have been content just being in your company they do not ask for a lot so nothing to feel guilty about that Happy.
It’s great to see you back posting Happy, it been quiet, too quiet 🙂