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Well done on coming through a G free year Ed. It’s great to hear that you are no longer a slave to all the plotting and planning to secure a day out in the casino, knowing full well that it will turn into a crazy binge and that the House of Cards will tumble sooner or later and that we have to lick our wounds as we pick up the pieces yet again.
I have a theory that CGs will be reformed in two ways only. No.1 By some Miracle . Number 2 We just „burn out!” For me, gambling was Number one on my list of activities for years. Every wakening thought revolved around getting money to gamble,planning how to cover my tracks to account for long absences from home, sleepless nights adding and subtracting and „if onlying”! What a way to live.
Reading your post is a reminder that there is another life out there we are ready to sign up,odaat!
Good to see you dragged R2C out of hiding!
Welcome back, R2C!
Keep posting!