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Yesterday was spent in bed as I had a migraine. I don’t get them often but when I do it is disabilitating. Today was spent with my Mom and it was a good day. Tomorrow is cleaning day. I need to get ready for Thanksgiving. It is fast approaching. I am so looking forward to seeing my Daughter and Grandson. I thought of my Husband many times today. This will be the second Thanksgiving and Christmas without him. Yes it is getting easier but I miss him so much. Sometimes the sadness is so intense and I just work through it. Sometimes it feels like my heart can’t take anymore. I am moving on without him but it is hard. Sometimes I wish that I could rewind time and be able to have more time with him. I am moving on but it is scary sometimes being on my own after so many years being married. I just need to keep taking baby steps. It will all come together. I have faith.