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      Hi I have been gambling heavily for 2 years now, mostly on Poker and BlackJack in my local card rooms. I have a good job, a loving family and a great life. All of that is slowly being destroyed by my gambling problem. Its so easy to go down to the cardroom and forget about the troubles of the day, that I have had a hard time realizing how much it was really affecting my life. At first, it was $100 here or there, then that turned into $500,$1000, $5000 a month in money that I would lose gambling. It nearly lost me my house once, and has put me behind on payments again… The day my Son was born I had to give up my Jeep Commander to the bank, forcing my family to drive around in a piece of crap for the next 6 months.
      I am ready to stop. I can finally see that there is no benefit for me to gambling.I realize that I need help, and that I need a support group to help me through this. Thanks for listening.

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