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      Good Afternoon all.
      I noticed there is a lot of literature here regarding the demonic FOBT’S… After years of losing a kings ransom (80,000 pounds), rational thinking and jobs I am beyond the stage of if they are fixed or not. Of Course they are rigged…I had 32 Reds come in on the trot in 50 pound spins on the following numbers: 2,4,15,17,19,21,25,26,27,28,29,34..None of the reds were the oned on my list.
      If this happened in a real casino , there would have been a riot!!! Interestingly, constant repeats of numbers like 14,5,9,18,7,1, 30,36 was just pathetic as when I back them they are nowhere to be seen….Anyhow ..I lost more than 1500 pounds on that day..Sorry, I mean William Hill in Kings Cross stole more than 1500 from me.
      It doesn’t matter if they are fixed or not. They are so addictive that even if I won a few thousand i will probably go back playing these glorified trash cans within a few days.How many times do you see someone take these machines to 1,000 or so only to go back to zero within minutes. Like zombies, we lose all sense of money value, rationality and logic. We are tranced going for the buzz. Of course many people collect winnings but the big percentage give it back within days. Most gamblers on this machines, wear the same clothes most days of the week, talk about the same things, live in a time-warp of depression and never get on with their lives.
      There is only one way to win Big on these terminals..TO QUIT ALL TOGETHER! What this would do to our health , finances, friendships, relationships, job performance  and sanity of course is PRICELESS.
      I QUIT for 5 years in the past. 2005 to 2009. Relapse begun in April this year. Now, i have walked away from them again. It’s been two weeks. Just stay busy and despise them like a tropical desease! They are there to destroy. Our political leaders are of course a total disgrace for allowing these horrendous machines to ruin us but let’s fight it as they are here to stay!!
      Wake up tomorrow and be gladiators!!!!And of course, log on to this very helpful site.
      Take care and be good.
       — 20/09/2010 13:22:06: post edited by tim.

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