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Problem Gambling Support Helpline

The “Live support” button provides you with quick access to an experienced gambling support advisor seven days a week. The service is anonymous (you do not have to give your real name, or an email address), and you are welcome to use it from anywhere in the world.

A team of expert advisors are available to talk to you, with native language support in many common languages – and with advisors trained to use software translation tools if we do not have someone who speaks your language.

The helpline is available to those worried about their own or someone else’s gambling. The advisor can help answer your questions, provide information or help to support you through difficult times. Wherever possible the advisor will help you to find local resources such as counselling services or groups – if these are available in your area. You can also use the Live Support button if you have questions about how to use the Gambling Therapy website.

Gambling Therapy advisors are ready to help you take a practical step forwards, whatever your circumstances.

We take your privacy seriously, and the service we provide is confidential – but but please see our privacy policy if you would like to read more about what data Gambling Therapy collects and why we collect it.