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Dark Energy

hi Romana,
Thanks for your support and the encouraging words.
I have been struggling with addiction for 6 or 7 years, with a lot of ups and downs, but I think now I matured mentally enough to win the war.

the first 2 years I thought I was trading forex, I never thought that this activity shares the same emotion and behavior patterns that hooked the gamblers to gambling.
I got hooked, I didn’t know for 2 years that I am gambling, I thought it was just a financial issue, it is a market and you can expect to win some time and to lose sometime, just now my looser is more and I just need additional money to trade again and I will win, this was the thought pattern that I had..

after that, I felt that something is wrong here, so I sent an email to an online therapy site, few days the answer came that I have a compulsive gambling issue. a what ?? compulsive gambling??? up to that moment I never thought that I have a gambling addiction. I never gambled in my life I grew up in a religious community so there are no casinos, and no way to gamble, and I grew up knowing gambling is wrong and I should not gamble, even now the casino games or sports betting or any other kind of gambling is not appealing to me because I know deep down it is wrong. so I never tried it and I will never do.
but if you come to activities like stoke, forex, or crypto trading that has this big cover “trading”, the things move from black or white to a huge grayscale where the same activity can be trading under certain conditions and can be gambling under other conditions.
now I am avoiding even the normal activities like investing because it has the risk to triggers my addiction like what happened in the last few months.

now back to you Romana, for someone like me, who sees the amount of suffering and struggles and uncertainty that this addiction brings to his life, and see someone so kind like you is about to bring this demon “addiction” to his life, my first thought was I hope she walks away, I hope she Runaway, she doesn’t have to bring all this suffering to her life.

I can see you have done the right things.

I hope you all the best in your life, life is hard enough without addiction, and no need to bring more suffering to it.

and yes today is Day#31 and the count will continue this time.

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