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Dear all,
Since a few weeks my hb has been taking ADD medication and it seems to help him calm down and concentrate on tasks ahead. He has less mood swings (and so do I!) and I am feeling much happier than ever before in our marriage. We just found out that we will be having a baby girl in March and are totally thrilled about that.

Our son is doing well also, he’s a little rascal and fills my days with joy.

I keep seeing a therapist every 2-3 weeks for approx. 30 mins to an hour. She asked me last time if I was angry. I said “well, I’m not. How can I be? My hb has not chosen for this illness to happen to him and nor have I.” She said “Well, I can imagine you still being angry. It doesn’t have to be his fault but his actions have hurt you. It would be perfectly understandable if you are angry.” So I just thought, well, I’m not – I’m not an angry-type person so I can’t be.

Turns out: I realized a few days ago that after that session something happened in my head. I had in fact been angry! And now I could accept that of myself and let it go. On my previous thread I remember writing (in July of this year) that I was not angry lalala..but.. in fact. I was. I was furious with the injustice that had been done to me. But now, that I can let it go…I feel relieved.

It’s been about a year since God guided me to this website (I have no other explanation) and I feel very greatful! Thank you all for helping my family move forward.
Hope to chat again soon!