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I like your no nonsense approach Geordie. And I agree with you about blame and your argument was exactly my response back to my sponsor. So then I am left with self Blame which is not healthy. I guess Step Four and five deal with that but that’s an awful long time to wait in self blame before I get there… My financial situation being what it is, I accept that it is that way. And yes, you do need a referral to a food bank. My work coach referred me cos of the bedroom tax. These guys know that with the bedroom tax, there is nothing left to afford to be able to eat. Tory ….tards . What I had left I went to m and s with and spent 15 quid on something I could actually eat. But I did go without all day today until pete did a stew for when I got back from GA. I realise I cannot continue like that but at the moment it is odaat and the day brings what it does. Remember I have withdrawn from everything except GA and the docs visits so I am not using huge reserves of energy. If the cupboard is bare, it is bare. I had bread and salad cream one day last week, yum. The whole jar went in two days… I am making light of my situation or else believe me I would just cry and cry…