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Hi Dear Kathryn
I have been thinking long and hard about you and your questions.
I cannot imagine Fester’s thinking and agree completely with everybody else that she should have no input in what is going on. She is out of the picture, dead in the water. Same goes for Mr Fester – what he is thinking can only be surmised!!!! They should have nothing to do with your family, you are not being unreasonable. 
I have tried to think what I would do and feel if I were in your shoes.   I do think that if we can hold our heads up high when we are faced with a dreadful situation it is easier to live with afterward. It is good to look back on our behaviour with pride.   Come on here and scream but keep your head up when it matters. xx
I have tried to think what I would feel if I was Sasha and in many ways that was easier. I think I would be terrified. 
I do believe that when we believe someone is more scared than we are it helps.  
You will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow. You have been in my thoughts for many days already.
Go for it. You are a great girl. I’ve got my arms up ready to embrace the ride with you if you will allow me. Don’t be afraid. You can do this.  
Loads and loads of love
V xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx