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Hey there, 

I have not been on this site in many months because as like you I am severely addicted to gambling and during the pandemic things have gotten worse. I haven’t even tried to stop really, just gotten used to being in debt, used to losing and being a loser. 

Then I got your last comment as an update in my email, I guess because I had commented on it last year. I feel for you and I feel I am like you. Everything I do and everything I have I have lost to gambling. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I want to escape the fog too. I want to see clearly and be happy again. I want my life to be worth something. If you feel like I feel then you have probably thought about ending it all. I know I have. I just want you to know this last post that you made resonated with me and made me come back to this site. Made me want to change and ask for help yet again. 

Maybe your post will in the end save us both. I gambled yesterday but today I am DONE with it. There has to be a brighter future for us than this. I hope you will find the strength to beat this demon just as I hope I too will find the strength. It is in us somewhere. We have to keep fighting. 

Thank you.