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Had to go into town today. I’d saved £50 to take with me as I needed a few bits. When I got to town I realised I’d left it in my work pants! I’d got £60 left in my bank account so I’ve tried to make it without having to go all the way back and get my cash. I’ve managed to just about get the stuff other people asked for. But nothing for myself. I didn’t need anything to be fair, but I glanced over at the massive arcade in our town centre and remembered a time when I was just a kid when I used to judge my day on how much stuff I’d bought myself. Only thing was, it would also relate to how much I’d won gambling. Most trips to town when I was a kid consisted of a few games of bowling, £1 burger and chips, then a few quid on the bandit in the games room of the bowling alley. I can remember that the machine was themed around grapes. 9 times out of 10 we’d get the jackpot which was about 25 quid. Then depending on how lucky we felt, we’d either go spend it on clothes or videos (remember videos?) or we’d head to the next arcade to test the waters on a few more machines. Quite sad to think that in certain places (the piers) we’d subconciously remove our money and stuff it in our socks. Just in case someone decided we looked easy enough to take advantage of. Either way looking back on it, it was quite a sad way to spend my youth, but very enjoyable at the time.