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Green roses!!
That’s a new one on me Deb! I thought only shamrock was green! Lol!
Thanks for posting to my thread. Retirement, like returning to work, will not take away our addiction, neither will changing our friends, our men our cars etc, that old “demon” will still linger in the shadows.
As Geordie says “Just because the monkeys jumps off your shoulder, doesn’t mean the circus has left town.”
I will have to be on my guard now until my (small) lump sum, whenever I get it , is tied up. I will just have to put my debt repayments on the long finger. I’m not going to stress myself over money because if I do, I could easily make one last ditch attempt to clean out the casinos ! As if!!!
When I was your age , Deb, I went back to full time work after a 19 year career break. I took to it like a duck to water and enjoyed every day. Of course the intention was to pay off my then huge debt. Little did I think that, not only would I lose all I earned but on the strength of my earnings, that I would borrow beyond my means (the banks were throwing money at people in the boom) and lose that too….Ah well! What’s done is done and I’m paying for my fun now in more ways than I could ever dare to write on this Forum.
By the way my boss has also retired. He is 54. That also helped me to make up my mind. I never had a cross word with him, unlike the person who is taking his job….’nuff said!!

I’m so happy for you Deb! From the bottom of my heart , I am!
A new grand daughter! A new man friend and above all a friend as dear as Bettie! And it all happened in the space of one year!,
What could be better! The world, as you enter your 54th year is at your feet. I hope and pray gambling will not spoil one moment of your wonderful life!
That is my Birthday wish for you!