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Hi Peanut Feathers
Once again Lily has beaten me with her response and once again I am sending a post I wrote earlier before I had read her words.
I’m sorry that you were too sad to respond because there is always someone here listening and it is common to find that writing relieves pain – putting your thoughts on here will hopefully take a lot of the pain and confusion out of your head.
In answer to your question, if he is a CG, your husband won’t stop gambling just like that – he may abstain for a while but abstinence is not controlling the addiction.
It’s only a thought but your husband may have gone to strip clubs to help him feel he was still the man he would like to be – because the addiction to gamble takes over a CGs mind for 24 hours a day sometimes they struggle with other things – strip clubs are easier than explaining to the women they love why they can’t show affection.
Pride is not something I associate with CGs, your husband will almost certainly be suffering with low self-esteem and no confidence. To hide such feelings he is possibly showing bravado but I suspect your husband is probably more afraid of his feelings than you think. He will not understand why you still love him because he probably feels worthless.
Please keep posting