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January was a G free month, thank God!A good start to 2019.
I don’t want another year of misery or another week or even a day. I have had enough.
Life is not perfect. It never was, never will be.
I’m heading off to a GA meeting now. It’s a wet miserable night.
The meeting will be opened by the secretary who invites members to introduce themselves by first name only and IF THEY wish they can say how long it is since their last bet.
Some people say “my name is ********. I am a compulsive gambler” . Some just say “I’m *****”
Personally, I have no problem saying “I am a compulsive gambler” It brings it home to myself and lets other people in the room know I’m not just a spectator.
After all GA is a Fellowship for people with gambling problems .Everyone is there for one reason. To stay free from the next bet. Unity is one of the Group’s strengths.
When I attended other groups over the years ,attendees introduced themselves by mentioning their position in the group.
It would be very time consuming at GA if members listed their own interpretation of their reason for being present.(many attend more than one Fellowship)
When we get hung up on minutiae, we lose sight of the wider picture.