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That is the thing Laura.

As time goes by, as it surely does. We do tend to forget the absolute horror and sick to the stomach pain we’ve endured for years.

We forget because we start missing groups, and instead of logging on here for a bit we will do something else.

We can forget that once we were naive and didn’t know the violent ferocity of addiction. We all do know now though. But too many of us, the further from our last bet we get seem to forget the golden rule, which I think applies to each and everyone of us. We are never cured, support has to be ongoing. We’ve nearly all proved that to ourselves not that we need to, it is a fact.

Over the years I’ve met a great many people at GA, or other support groups many many years clean who still regularly go to meetings, its obvious why they’ve stayed clean so long.

Thanks for your nice and kind words.